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Uloom al-Quran - The Study of the Qur'an (3 CDs)


This set of three CDs talks about the knowledge of Quran. Allah's book has guidance for all but it has to be studied. This useful information about Quran and Wahy is compiled by Yahya Ibrahim. He talks about Wahy and its different forms, methods of Wahy, he highlights the difference between Quran and Hadith. He also identifies Makki and Madni Ayahs and their significance. All these and many other topics about Quran are discussed in detail.


Indeed the Book of Allaah is something to be pondered upon. For the humankind, it is a source of guidance, mercy and life. In this short yet highly informative course, Yahya Ibrahim introduces several aspects of 'Uloom Al-Quran/Uluumul Qur'aan. Definition of Wahy, different types and methods of Wahy, the definition of Qur'an and the difference between Qur'an, hadith & hadith-Qudsee, the compilation of the Qur'an, the Makki and Madani verses, & nasikh and mansukh are some of the many topic s that will be discussed in this class.


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