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The Well Traveled Quran


The advent of paper in China reached Islamic world when two centuries later than the birth of Islam it reached China and Spain. This resulted in writing down of hundreds of Ahadith and also Quranic verses. The first Quran on paper came in the 11th century in Cordoba. Here is the interesting travel story of the Quran for enlightenment of all Muslims.

The Noble Qur'an is Kalam Allah (speech of Allah), the eternal message, preserved forever, for all of humanity. Allah's Word was revealed, for the last time, to the final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (S).

Within two centuries of the founding of the Islamic state, Muslims had spread the message of Din al-Haq (religion of truth) east to the borders of China, and west to Spain and the shores of the Atlantic. The secret of Chinese paper making, first passed on to the Muslims in Baghdad, created an 'information explosion' that reverberated throughout Dar al-Islam (land of Islam). Inexpensive paper permitted the dissemination of Kalam Allah and, eventually, the transcription of hundreds of thousands of ahadith. The Islamic world soon developed a creative and literate culture of high civilization.

This story chronicles the nine hundred year long odyssey of a beautiful handwritten Qur'an produced in Cordoba in the 11th century. The plight of the Moriscos (Arabic Al-Muriskiyyun), the last Muslims of Al-Andalus, becomes an integral part of the amazing story of the well-traveled Qur'an.


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