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The Life of Imam Shihab Az-Zuhri (2 CDs)


There are great lessons in the lives of Muslim scholars for us and knowing the events of their lives can help us become better Muslims. This CD contains lectures about the life of Imam Shihab Az-Zuhri who was a great collector of Hadith. He kept his promiseof preserving and spreading Allah's religion and devoted his entire life in gaining knowledge, preserving it and passing it on to others. These lectures are very inspirational and can help us find our true purpose of life.


Imam Zuhri (May Allaah have Mercy on him) was one of the collectors of hadith. He was born in 50 H and died in 125 H. His life and dedication is an indication of the Promise of Allaah (A) that He will preserve this religion by the trustworthy people.

Imam Zuhri learned from great personalities including some sahabah like Anas Ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him). He also studied under the great mountain of knowledge, Sayeed Ibn Musayyib.

One of his students, Imam Maalik Ibn Anas said, "I have seen so many scholars of old age in Al-Medinah, but everyone was taking from Ibn Shihab, although he was young at that time."

Let's learn from this great personality the love of the Sunnah and the importance of working to preserve the blessed Prophetic ahaadeeth.

Anas Hlayhel is a da'eeah from Lebanon. He has been active in da'wah for several years in the Bay Area, Texas, and Arizona.

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