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Tajweed Quran with Translation & Transliteration (Persian Script)


Brief Synopsis:


This humble effort is an attempt to facilitate the Tilaawah of the Quran with Tajweed. Seven different colour shades have been used and each colour represents a Tajweed Rule. The colour coding system has been introduced to highlight the Rules of Tajweed found in the Quranic text. Having a color block on the Tajweed Rule allows the reciter to emphasise the accent, phonetics, rhythm and temper of the Quranic recitation. It is imperative for the reciter to have a working knowledge of the Rules of Tajwid in order to know how to pronounce the letters on which emphasis has to be laid.


This is a multipurpose book. It assists in proper recitation along with Tajweed and it also provides translation and transliteration of the verses. The text of this book is properly color coded to distinguish different Tajweed rules. This book is meant for reader to opt for proper recitation, learning and understanding of this Holy book. The main features of this book are:

  • Ensures proper recitation of Holy Quran due to proper Tajweed rules.
  • Each Tajweed rule is assigned with a different color. Therefore, there are totally seven color coded rules. Each rule is highlighted in respective color.
  • Tajweed rules are mentioned at the end of each page.
  • Each Surah is translated line by line in English Language. This ensures the understanding of Quranic verses and commandments of Allah.
  • Transliteration of all Arabic letters along with their History of Origin is also provided. This makes learning even more interesting.

Islamic belief emphasizes recitation of the Quran with proper pronunciation and respect. Moreover, it is mandatory for all Muslims to apply teachings of this Holy book in their daily lives. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to not only read Quran properly but understand its essence as well. Keeping this in mind this book provides a complete solution. Meaning, now learning proper recitation along with its meaning is an interesting process.