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Tafseeer Surah Qaaf (9 CD Set)


It is rightly said that Tafsir is like a lamp with which you understand the Message of Allah...

The Tafseeer Surah Qaaf is a pack of 9 Audio CDs by Anas Hlayhel. In this tafseer, Brother Anas Hlayhel thoroughly explains the beautiful Surah Qaaf/Qaf. The entire enlightenment of the Surah Qaaf is based on the well-known tafseer of Imam Ibn Kathir, "Tafseer Qur'anil'Adheem". Here, each ayah has been explained and discussed according to the principles of the Tafseer.

The Tafseeer Surah Qaaf is an excellent tool to think deeply about the verses of Allah and get benefitted from what we recite and memorize.

Anas Hlayhel is a da'eeah from Lebanon. lie has been active in da'wah for several years in the Bay Area, Texas, and Arizona.