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Juz 'Amma For School Students


Introducing a comprehensive textbook for learning and understanding the 30th and final Juz (part) of the Holy Quran.

All 37 surahs are introduced with historical information about the revelation of the surah. This is followed by the individual surah, ayah-by-ayah, written in traditional Othmani script and with age-appropriate meanings in English. The textbook package also includes a CD of Quranic recitation by Qari' Sheikh Abdullah Basfar. Students can hear the surah repeated numerous times as they learn to recite and memorize each one.

To increase comprehension of the Arabic/Quranic language, each surah in the textbook contains two key sections Quranic Word: Root and Meaning and Words to Know that provide students opportunity for further study and understanding. Each surah lesson comes complete with thought-provoking questions and activities that promote the practical application of the wisdom of the Quran.

The textbook additionally includes 18 stories from the popular series Quran for Little Muslims. These stories, reflecting the selected surahs meaning and relevance in daily life, are presented here in script form to allow for student performance and to further enhance comprehension and application of the Holy Quran.

Illustrated with beautiful graphics and Islamic motifs, this book is truly a groundbreaking achievement in Quranic education and comprehension.

For Quranic and Islamic studies in grades 2-8

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