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Q & A on the Biography of Prophet (Parts 1 & 2)




The biography of Muhammad (S) has always held a special importance for Muslims all over the world. It keeps reminding them how to follow and practice the teachings of Islam in their daily life. Consequently, those who are concerned with following the footsteps of prophet Muhammad (S) deem it their concern to get thoroughly familiar with the story of the life and living of the perfect model of humanity.

This is a collection of 2 books, Part I: From birth to Hijrah, Part II: Life after Hijrah

Question-Answer format is always considered to be an effective means of teaching. Even Prophet Muhammad (S) had resorted to this style of teaching to teach his companions. This 2-books-set is of great use to any Muslim reader who wishes to check his knowledge about his own religion, without the labor of formal learning and research

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