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Pillars of Islam and Iman (PB)


This book is all about what every Muslim must know about his religion. Sheikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zino, the author of this book has also compiled many books directly related to the fundamentals of Islam. He is considered to be one of the biggest authors of present time whose works have been widely accepted & attributed.

This book is his first ranking work. In this Book, he discusses the fundamental constituents of Islam: Salat (prayer), Hajj, fasting and Zakat etc., in a lucid and impressive manner. The discussion regarding Faith and Belief in the first part is and added value to the book.

The distinguishing trait of this book is its straightforwardness. Anyone can learn & practice Islam easily through the guidance of this book.

Other Sources:

Dua Khatam Quran - After Finishing Quran
Dua of prophet Yousuf - Surah Yousuf Verse 101, Quran