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O Allah, Forgive Me! (CD)


Tauba has been an essential ingredient in the Islamic world as it opens the door to Paradise and Allah's nearness for all Muslims. There are ways to observe Tauba and ask forgiveness for ones sins and it is important for all Muslims to know the details related to Tauba as defined and described by the Quran and Hadith. This CD reflects upon the importance of Tauba, its essentials, ways to escape from despair and to establish strong faith in Allah's mercy. The lectures in this CD are delivered by Shaykh Yasir in a very appealing and convincing style. Shaykh Yasir offers many references to the Quran and Ahadith to save Muslims from despair and direct them towards Tauba.


Do not despair that Allah will not forgive you for your sins, nor should you take Allah's forgiveness for granted. One must strive to strike a balance between the two by asking for tauba from Allah for their sins. As Brother Yasir mentions in the cd: "...you must strive to be the best of the sinners because the best of the sinners ask for tauba...

We continue to commit acts of disobedience against our very purpose of existence and we often times don't notice. Shaykh Yasir warns us from taking a lax attitude towards asking for forgiveness and also reminds us, using heart softening ahadith, not to fall into despair or neglect the importance of tauba.

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