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This is a fun to use toy shaped like a home where marked places are buttons. Children push the button to hear a supplication or Nasheed. This is an enjoyable way to learn supplications. This easy to teach method has been devised to make learning of supplications a fun activity for children. All Dua's are in Arabic language.

I am a Muslim child and invite you to visit
My Home
Where you can listen to invocations of the day & night.

This new toy for children is a innovative new way to teach supplications while having fun. It is shaped like a house with furniture, doors and more. Each one is a button which when you press reads out Dua' (supplication), lesson and/or a nasheed. The lessons are read in Arabic but the Arabic Dua's can be useful for all.

Please be sure to remove the 3 AA batteries when not in use for more than a day or so.

Other Sources:

Asking Allah's Forgiveness  - Surah Al-Ghafir, Verse 55, Quran
At-Tawwab (The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting) - Allah's Name