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Musnad al-Imam Shafi 1/3 - Islamic-Fiqh-Shafi


Musnad Of Imam Muhammad bin Idris Shafi'i, in a quality 3 volume set. The important musnad of Imam Shafi'i(150/767 - 204/820), with tartib by Imam Sanjir bin Abdullah al-Nasir, and tahqiq by Dr. Raf'at Fawzi Abdul Muttalib. This is ordered by the priority of fiqh, by 8th AH century scholars.

Subject: Islamic-Fiqh-Shafi

Publisher: Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyah, Beirut, 2011

Pages / Other: 2775 pp in a 3 Volume Set

Author: Shafi'I (Imam Shafi'i) (150/767 - 204/820)

Language: Arabic