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Islamic Fatawa Regarding Women


Islam provides complete guidance for all sorts of matters for both genders. The teachings of the Quran and Sunnah have dealt in detail with the issues related to women. There are useful solutions to the problems faced by the feminine world, Islamic Fatawa covers issues related to menstrual period, postpartum, Hijab and veil, marital relationships, Islamic parenting and child bearing, household responsibilities and divorce etc. In this book the answers to questions about all these issues have been provided by great Muslim scholars such as Sheikh Ibn Baz, Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin, and Sheikh Ibn Jibreen.

Women face a lot of special problems regarding their menses, postpartum bleeding, istihada, hijab, mixing with men, rights & duties with respect to their husband, husband's household, children, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc.

More than 350 of such problems & issues have been answered in this book by the late Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ibn Baz, and the eminent scholars like Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin, Sheikh Ibn Jibreen and others.

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