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Individual Juz of the Quran for Baba Salam 6


This is a listening program with Individual ayahs, words and surahs from the Quran. Each cartridge can be used in Baba salam 6 and the listeners can listen to a word, ayah or suran correctly delivered in Arabic. It also has some full page recitation carried out by Imam-e-Kaba As-Sodais & Ash-Shuraim. It offers one easy and controlled learning experience to its listeners and is very easy to use.

These individual Juz (parts of the Quran) are designed to work with Baba Salam 6 - The Teacher. Each part comes with a cartridge that inserts in to Baba Salam 6 so you can listen to individual words, single Ayah or full page.

Single word recitation is read slowly by a Qari while ayah & full page recitation is done by Imam-e-Kaba As-Sodais & Ash-Shuraim. Arabic readers will also be able to read the Tafsir below each line. Each book has 20 readable pages.

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