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How to Give a Shahadah in 10 minutes (5 CDs)



The world is becoming faster day by day and nowadays people have less time to spare and therefore it is very important to shorten the message of Islam in such a way that the whole message Is conveyed without taking much time of the audience. Taking this in his mind this course has been devised by Kamal El mekki and it has received excellent feedback from all over the world. Those who attended this workshop said: :

"One of the most remarkable, and effective classes I have ever taken. In fact, I have used the techniques with success for 3 shahadas... and if I can do it, I promise you anyone can! I can also tell you that I had no success prior to that in giving personal dawah for the previous 10 years. I never made the 'sale'... what does that mean? You'll learn about this and more at the class!"

"MashaAllah, MashaAllah, MashaAllah... what can I say. That seminar was AMAZING! There's just something about the way he presents the information and gives you all these real life scenarios that build up that confidence and make you just want to go out and give dawah to world, without any fear of ridicule in your heart"

 Other Sources:

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