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How the Prophet Prayed (Pocketsize)


Brief Synopsis: 

This book describes the Prophet’s (SAW) method of offering Salat. It has a complete description of the Prophet’s prayer with translation and transliteration of the selected Arabic verses to make comprehension of the contents of this book easy for all Muslims. The book contains:

  • The method of performing prayer and purification according to the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • It relies heavily on authentic Sunnah and Quranic verses.
  • There are traditions from authentic sources such as Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Sunan Abu Dawood to elaborate on the prayer of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • The book begins with essentials of Wudu and covers all steps revealing how Wudu was performed by the Prophet and moves on to the method of praying.

How the Prophet Prayed (Pocketsize) is a new edition of “How to Pray According to the Sunnah”. This pocket sized edition is easy to carry and use. With colorful printing this edition is part of the ‘Enlightenment Pack’. It provides guidelines for Muslim prayer to new Muslims and also those who need guidance on the topic in English language.


Newer edition of the book 'How To Pray According To The Sunnah' now in pocket size & 2 color printing. Part of the 'Enlightenment Pack' set.

This concise booklet explains in a very simple form how the Prophet Muhammad, used to perform his Salat (prayer). Prophet is a model for every male and female Muslim to adopt his manners in all acts of worship as well as other aspects of life.

All the essential details of the Salat (prayer) have been clearly and distinctly described in a simple manner without making the publication too bulky or complicated.Transliteration and translation of Arabic phrases and formulas are given for ease of reciting and understanding.

It is a very useful booklet for all new Muslims and such Muslims who do not fully understand Arabic language.

Other Sources:

Surah At-Takaathur (Chapter 102) from Quran - Arabic English Translation
Surah At-Takwir (Chapter 81) from Quran - Arabic English Translation