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History of Madinah Munawwarah

History of Madinah Munawwarah


A special mention has been made about the various aspects of the Al-Madinah, and the most important historical events are recorded, that have a direct effect on the establishment and sacredness of the Al-Madinah as well as its religious importance. This book also highlights the sites of extreme importance whenever Al-Madinah is mentioned such as the Prophet's Mosque, Quba Mosque, and others.

A large part of this book also covers many important topics like the Prophet's Mosque updating the expansions and the improvements that have taken place from the time of Muhammad (S) till the Saudi era. The book also has more than 50 pictures from original documented resources, varying from old to new with many aspects. This book is a valuable addition to the Islamic Library in terms of its subject, both, to the researcher and the regular reader. Also, this book is scientifically trustworthy and presents only genuine Ahadith and authentic reports.

Publishers Foreword

There is no Muslim of true faith who does not feel called at all times by an overwhelming desire to visit the City of Allah's Messenger and there is no Muslim whose love for Al-Madinah does not fill his heart, infuse his blood, his flesh, and his bones. And the love of the Muslims for Al Madinah is not surprising, since the Prophet (S) encouraged it, saying: "O Allah! Make Al-Madinah beloved to us, as we love Makkah -or more."

And Al-Madinah is still one of the most beloved places on earth - if not the most beloved in the heart of every Muslim, in response to this fine call. And Al-Madinah was the place to which Allah's Messenger emigrated and it gave him refuge, embraced his preaching, and supported his religion, and its people defended him with their lives, their wealth, and their sons until Allah made him victorious. So, Al-Madinah possesses virtues that are well known and an influence which none disputes in supporting this religion.

And the land of Al-Madinah contains his pure remains and its ennoblement is increased thereby and it includes his Mosque, by which its purity is increased and its station is raised by them both and it is elevated in esteem, honor, and love in the hearts of the Muslims. And all of Al-Madinah is superior, for therein deeds are multiplied (in reward) and prayer therein is equivalent to a thousand prayers in any other mosque, except the Sacred Mosque (in Makkah). And at the gates of Al-Madinah are angels, so neither plague nor Ad-Dajjal can enter it. And in it there is a Garden from the Gardens of Paradise, and a believer who dies in Al-Madinah will be included in the intercession of the Messenger on a Day when neither wealth nor sons will avail.

And the Prophet (S) declared it inviolable, just as Abraham declared Makkah inviolable. And because it is good, it removes the evil ones from within itself, just as bellows remove the impurities from iron, for verily, Allah defends them, so whoever causes them to fear through injustice, Allah will cause him to fear and Allah's curse will be upon him. And it has been called Tabah and likewise, Taibah and so all that is in it is Tayyib (good): its land, its air, its dates, its Mudd and its Sa' (measures of weight), life therein and death therein. And before all of this, the Mosque of Messenger of Allah and his resting place.

And from the starting point of the high rank, elevated position and lofty standing of Al-Madinah with Allah the Highest, His Messenger (S) and all of the Muslims, we present this book as a work purely and sincerely for Allah and a true expression of our love for the City of the Messenger. And the reader will find in it - Allah willing - abundant facts about the City of the Messenger in spite of its brevity.

And we have taken care to present the most reliable narrations and the most authentic Ahadith. If we are right, it is from Allah and a part of His Grace and Mercy and we think naught of Allah except for good.

And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet, Muhammad and upon his family and Companions and those who follow them with Ihsan until the Day of Recompense.

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Table of Contents

Publisher's Foreword
Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah and its Names and Ancient History
--- The Foundation of Yathrib
--- The First Inhabitants of Yathrib
--- The Names of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah

Virtues of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
The Love of the Messenger for Al-Madinah and His Declaration of its Inviolability
--- The Inviolability of Al-Madinah
--- Mount 'Ayr
--- Mount Thawr

Events that took place prior to the Migration of the Prophet (S)
--- The First Pledge of Allegiance at Al-'Aqabah
--- A1-Mu'allim (the Teacher)
--- The Second Pledge of Allegiance at Al-Aqabah

The Story of the Prophet's Migration to Al-Madinah
--- The Departure
--- The Arrival in the Center ofAl-Madinah

Settling into Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah and the Brotherhood between the Muhajirun and the Ansar
--- The First Birth following the Hijrah
--- The Adhan (Call to Prayer)

The Appearance of the Munafiqun (the Hypocrites) and the Jews and the Position of the Muslims in relation to Them
--- The Appearance of Hypocrisy

The Expulsion of the Jews from Al-Madinah
--- Getting rid of Banu Qainuqa
--- BanuAn-Nadir
--- Banu Quraizah

The Building of the Prophet's Mosque and its History throughout the Ages
--- The Prophetic Age
--- The First Expansion
--- During the Time of Abu Bakr As Siddiq
--- During the Time of 'Umar:
--- During the Time of 'Utlunan.
--- During the Time of Al-Walid bin 'Abdul-Malik
--- During the Time of Al-Mahdi, the Abbasid 161-165 AH
--- During the Time of Quaitbay 886-888 AH
--- During the Time of Sultan 'Abdul-Majeed 1260-1277AH

The Prophet's Mosque during the Saudi Era
--- The First Saudi Expansion and Rebuilding
--- A Description of the Building
--- The Shelters built by King Faisal
--- The Second Saudi Expansion 1405-1414 AH (1984-1994)

A Description of the Building
--- The Open Areas of the Mosque
------ They have no Equal in History
--- The Pulpit and the Mihrab inside the Mosque
--- The History of the Pulpit
--- What the Prophet said about the Pulpit
--- The Prophet's Mihrab

The Virtue of the Prophet's Mosque and offering Prayer in it and the Manners required when visiting it
--- Prayer in the Additions which have been made to the Mosque
--- The Ruling on Prayer in the Open Spaces
--- The required Manner of visiting the Prophet's Mosque
--- A Journey may be under taken to it

The Prophet's Grave and the Lawful Manner of Visiting it
--- Visiting the Grave of the Prophet

Quba' Mosque
--- The Virtue of Quba' Mosque
Other Historic Mosques in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
--- Al-Ijabah Mosque
--- AI-Jumu'ah Mosque
--- Al-Qiblatain Mosque
--- The Mosque of Banu Harithah (Masjid Al-Mustarah)

--- Al-Fath Mosque
--- Al-Migat Mosque
--- Al-Musalla Mosque
--- Al-Fash Mosque

Mount Uhud
--- The Virtue of Al-Baqi'
--- Expansion of Al-Baqi' during the Saudi Era
--- --- The First Expansion
--- --- The Second Expansion

Darul-Hadith School in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
The Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
Charitable Organizations in Al-Madinah AI-Munawwarah
--- Jam'iyatul-Birr -Charitable Organizations for Women

Libraries in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah
--- Al-MaktabahAl-Mahmudiyah
--- Maktabah'Arif Hikmat
--- Maktabah Al-Masjid An-Nabawi
--- Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Public Library

King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran
--- The Printing of the Meanings of the Qur'an

Sources and References