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History of Islam for Children - Grade 4


This book is designed for students of school going age of grade 4. The book can meet the curriculum needs sufficiently and also gives the schools some freedom of learning pace. It can become a part of social or Islamic studies curriculum and is highly useful. This book covers the glorious history of religion Islam from the days of Prophet Muhammad till the Ottoman Empire. It encourages children to take pride in their glorious heritage.

This is the first of a new series of books for students of school-going age. The series is called History of Islam, and it presents the history of Islam from the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) until the end of the Ottoman Empire. The series, with its unique features, meets a need which has to date been given insufficient attention.

The first book has been written for grade four students. The book is of moderate length, so as to give the school flexibility of choice. For example, it can be taught as a once-a-week, standalone subject, or incorporated into the school's Social Studies or Islamic Studies curriculum.

We hope that this series will provide Muslim students with the knowledge that they need about their magnificent heritage, and that it will inspire all those who read it to work together towards the building of a strong and motivated generation of learners.

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