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Guidelines for Raising Children



Muslims are provided with sufficient guidelines in Islam for raising children. This treatise holds useful tips and advice for parenting. Now parents do not have to look for advice elsewhere when it can he had in a single binding so conveniently.

Guidelines for Raising Children has been compiled by Research Division-Darussalam. It has been edited by Abdul Rahman Abdullah a well known Muslim scholar. Darussalam considers it their duty to serve Muslim Ummah and provide them with true knowledge.

A child’s coaching and education starts from its mother’s lap and fathers also play crucial role therefore right choice of a spouse matters a lot. This book begins with tips for the choice of a spouse and spans to the moral and ethical coaching of a child. The book has been divided into chapters carefully. Headings and subheadings make it easier for readers to sort out information.

The rites and rituals for a newborn have been described in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Matters related to naming an infant, circumcision, head shaving, etc., have been discussed extensively. Children must be taught Aqeedah, good manners, and moral values at a certain age which has been clearly explained in this treatise. Methods and strategies have also been imparted so that the readers could practically use them.

Guidelines for Raising Children is replete with useful advice for parents. Advice related to the right age for observing veil, Ibadah, Salat, and the need for maintaining Islamic identity. Prophetic advice make the contents of the book more valuable. The readers do not have to refer to any other source to learn healthy parenting.

General manners, singing, status of music in Islam and obedience to parents have been considered controversial in the modern times. This book provides ample guidance for parents in these matters. Relevant Ayat and Ahadith conclude the contents of this book. These selected verses and words of the Prophet are incorporated to guide Muslims towards the standards set by Deen. This additional information makes this book special for all readers.

Sayings of Prophet Muhammad and the words of Allah from the Holy Quran have been cited at many places in this book. In addition to advices and guidelines for parenting, useful supplications have also been supplied in text to help readers benefit greatly.  


Pages: 55
Binding: Paperback
Size: 5.5x8" (14x20 cm)