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Guarding The Heritage of The Prophets (CD)


This CD defines those who are bearers of the legacies of the Prophets and those who follow in their footsteps and keep the knowledge alive. These are the blessed scholars who preserve the knowledge brought to the world by the Prophets and convey it to the people long after the times of the Prophets. This Cd has lectures from Jamaal Zarabozo who talks about Islamic knowledge and how it has survived in the hearts of innumerable scholars over centuries.


Who are the heirs of the prophets? Jamaal Zarabozo shows the status of Islamic knowledge and how scholars follow the footsteps of the prophets, thus becoming their heirs. The legacy of Ilm has been passed from one prophet to the next, and continues to be passed when anyone sincerely seeks knowledge which are most esteemed.

Other Sources: 

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