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Essentials of Dawah (CD)



Muslims have been ordered by Allah to spread the message of their religion to those who are not believers. It is therefore necessary to learn the proper techniques of Dawah and proper techniques of Dawah are only those which have been told in Quran and hadith. This lecture is aimed at making the work of dawah easier than usual for all muslims. One example of relevance of techniques demonstrated in this lecture to Quran is that of fear and hope. Just as Quran creates fear and hope among those who read it Muhammad Alshareef has asked muslims to use fear and hope for the purpose of dawah.

Muhammad Alshareef was born in 1975 and raised in Canada. In his youth, he memorized the Quran and later graduated with an Islamic Law degree from the Islamic University of Madinah, class of 1999. He is the founder of AlMaghrib Institute through which he teaches university-level seminars on Islam. AlMaghrib Institute seminars have been conducted across the USA and Canada, as well as in Australia.

While he continues to teach, Muhammad Alshareef now devotes much of his time to recruiting, training and advising other students of knowledge in becoming AlMaghrib Institute instructors. Being a true visionary with exceptional talents in motivating others, Muhammad Alshareef has also founded EmanRush Audio and Khutbah.com, and actively keeps in touch with the online community at the AlMaghrib Forums.

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