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Encyclopedia Concerning Muslim Women (3 Vol. Set)


This is a 3 Volume book set detailing issues related to Muslim Women. Some of the issues covered in the book include:

  • Muslim Women’s rights in Islam (right of respect, honor, property, education, etc.)
  • A Muslimah’s share of inheritance
  • The different roles and responsibilities of a Muslimah
  • Feminine Issues and matters and related Islamic guidance
  • Marriage, Marital relations and Islamic guidance
  • Issues related to divorce
  • Issues related to worship and prayers

These three volumes focus on enlightening Muslim women with the knowledge of their Status in Muslim society. It will help them realize their roles as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives so that they could perform their obligations efficiently. It also covers feminine issues to reveal what Islam has to say about the matters of women and what solutions are provided by the Quran and Sunnah about various problems faced by Muslim women at different stages in their life. This offers a comprehensive educational experience essential for the Muslim women.

This is a comprehensive book that addresses those matters of a Muslim woman's life and religion that are essential in facilitating her role as a mother, teacher and nurturer. This work includes the views of great scholars (and imams) who have preceded Muslims of today in their knowledge, laborious endeavors, and virtue.

# of pages: Vol 1: 589, Vol 2: 524 Vol 3: 568

Author: Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad

Pages: 1681
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9x1.2" (15x23x3 cm)
Shipping Weight: ~ 5.50 lbs

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Sample Pages from Table of Contents


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