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Door Knob Dua' Cards (Set of 16)


Here is a lovely pack of sixteen durable Dua cards that one can hang on doors and walls to remind one of supplications to offer during the matters of daily life. These cards are single sided and colourfully laminated, can be gifted to dear ones. These cards can be equally useful for young children and adults. English translation is also provided with the Arabic text to make understanding better. Transliteration is there too.

NEW Edition Released in January 2010! Set of 16 daily and occasional Duas from the Qur'an & Sunnah with Arabic text, transliteration and English translation. Single sided 18 full color laminated Dua Cards come in a beautiful box which makes a great gift as well. Great for children, teenagers, new Muslims and all adults.

Hang these beautiful cards on doors and walls to remind yourself to read the supplications before doing daily actions.

Set includes the following Du'as:

  • Invocation before & after eating (2 cards)
  • When getting dressed (1)
  • For traveling (1)
  • For entering & leaving the Masjid (2)
  • For morning & evening (2)
  • For conclusion of a gathering (1)
  • Before & After Wudu (1)
  • For entering & leaving the house (2)
  • Before sleeping & when waking up (2)
  • Entering & leaving the restroom (2)

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