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Death: The Destroyer of Pleasures / The Grave (DVD)


Lecture 1 - Death: The Destroyer of Pleasures

In life, we rend to drift off & forget about death, living and enjoying life until the Angel Of Death pays us a visit. In this lecture, Sheikh Omar explains in derail what we experience at the time of death, when our soul is leaving our body.

Lecture 2 - The Grave

Sheikh Omar continues on the topic of death & explains what occurs in the Grave after we have been buried. May Allah protect us all from the punishment of the Grave.

About Sheikh Omar:

After completing his bachelor of science with a major in engineering. Sheikh Omar EI-Banna began his extensive journey in the gaining of Islamic knowledge. He has memorised the Quran along with the principles and rules involved in its recitation and obtained an ijaza in teaching the Quran. For eight years he has devoted his time to the extensive study of Islamic knowledge under prominent scholars in Egypt gaining a wide knowledge base. Sheikh Omar studied at AI-Azhar University in Cairo, Faculty of Shariah, Islamic Jurisprudence. At which time he also studied Islamic Studies at the American Open University in Cairo.

Sheikh Omar is currently completing his Masters in Islamic Studies at the University of New England (New South Wales). Having been involved in Dawa for the past 10 years, Sheikh Omar is now concentrating his efforts on Dawa in Australia, working with Muslim youth.

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