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Benefits & Harms of Media



Media is a weapon that can have both positive and negative uses. It can be used to spread the truth or it can be used to fill the minds of common people with falsehood. In these lecture Dr. bilal Philips has communicated the ways of using media to propagate the true message of Islam and has warned common people against those who are misusing it

Dr. Philips was born January 7, 1947 in Jamaica, but grew up in Canada, where he converted to Islam in 1972. He received his B.A. degree from the Islamic University of Medina and his M.A. in Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) from the King Saud University in Riyadh, then to the University of Wales, UK, where he completed a PhD in Islamic Theology in the early 90s. Philips comes from a family of educators, as both his parents were teachers and his grandfather was a Christian minister and Bible scholar. The Islamic Online University (IOU) is the brainchild of Dr. Bilal Philips.

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