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Basic Fiqh (8 CDs)




Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) is one the backbones of Islamic state. We come to know through Fiqh that Islam has addressed every need of man and that Islam is a complete code of life. From marriage till separation and from zakah till Hajj there is a guidance on every matter in Fiqh. This lecture tries to explain few most important aspects of Fiqh. Following topics are covered in this lecture:

  1. Purification and related aspects
  2. Salah and its methodology
  3. Zakah and its rulings
  4. Fasting and related issues
  5. Hajj and it's procedure
  6. Marriage and its conditions
  7. Divorce and it's legality

This presentation describes the detailed legal rulings of purification and prayer. Issues of taharaah and salaah are concisely presented and the listener should be able to obtain a proper understanding of these basics of Islam.

 Other Sources: 

Everything prostates (performs sajda) to Allah - Surah Hajj Verse 18 Quran
Ex-Christian preacher now preaching Islam