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Why Women are Accepting Islam

Why Women are Accepting Islam


This book is a collection of various narratives about the lives, experiences and previous beliefs as well as Islamic impressions. It also has a set of reasons of different lucky women belonging to all walks of life and why to reverted to Islam. Darussalam has already published one book from the same compiler on the same focus that extremely appreciated by the readers. It is hoped that this book will prove to be beneficial to those non-Muslim women whose concepts are not clear about Islam, and those people who are working in Dawah field.

This book also highlights those thought processes, emotions, the critical thinking, and reasoning that many go through on a daily basis before accepting Islam. This book, therefore, is also an excellent source for existing Muslims who sometimes need reminders to know what it means to be a Muslim. These accounts rekindle those feelings and help in boosting and reinforcing those beliefs and strengthen Faith in Allah.

Whether you are a Muslim or not, this book can help shed light on many of those aspects that sometimes are missed in general media coverage.


Publisher Note


1. O Muslim Women - Allama Iqbal
2. Why Islam is my only choice? - Aisha Cassana Maddoz Nablisi (USA)
3. From edge of despair to glory in Islam - Aesha Lorenz Al-Saeed
4.African Missionary finds Truth in Islam despite unbearable hardships - An African Missionary
5. Islam has done me a world of good - Aisha Ong
6. Everybody desires world peace, well, there is nothing which will better accomplish that than the festival at the end of the Pilgrimage at Arafat!!! - A'isha Wen tworth-Fitz-William
7. Why I embraced Islam - Begum Amina Lakhani (Ohio, U.S.A)
8. Islam: My own Choice - American Muslimaa
9. This is the story of how I became Muslim. - Amirah
10. American woman's search ends with the Qur'an - Hanan Abdullateef
11. Her intellect brought Amnah to Islam through Arabic. - Amnah
12. Islam religion of tolerance, good behavior, love and mercy. - Ann Rockfeller (A British Physician)
13. Why I Embraced Islam- Asyia Abd
14. Got the guidance from Allah! - Ayishah Hassan Jacoueline Ruth Pugh
15. Islam Changed My Life - Bahria Amanullah
16. The Choicest find: Islam - Bar'rah Islam of (TalaseaNew Britain)
17. I was totally convinced by the Truth of Islam - Bushra Finch
18. Our Daughter's Choice: Islam! - Carol L. Anway
19. Islam is a blessing to Me - Chi Mei-fong
20. Muslim prayers sing nothing but God's Mercy and Greatness! - Carol L. Anway
21. Journey to Faith! - Emily B. Assami
22. Fatima discovers the true spirit of Islam - N. Hashim
23. Why I embraced Islam - Fatima Heeren (West Germany)
24. Islam: Our Choice - Fatima Martin
25. My Transformation to Islam- Fitra (Osaka Muslim Union, Osaka, Japan)
26. Suddenly I felt safer on the street!. - Georgina Noueiri
27. How farcical could be Media Images - Md. Karim Ghazi (formerly Gain Chand Ghosh)
28. I have found Dignity for Women in Islam. - Hina Begum Ghazi, formerly Vinitha Gupta
29. Islam: Our Choice - Huda Khattab
30.I found true freedom in Islam - Ibnantu Adam

31.My years in a Mission School. - Ida Yezmin Bachtiar

32.I was dong things that are normally done by a Muslim! - Jane Nader

33.Heart of a Muslim. - D. Jacqualine Cosens

34.Impressions of Hajj. - M. Janes (U.S.A.)

35.Conversion to Islam my own Choice!. - Jemima Imran Khan (Pakistani Sportsman's wife)

36.Faith in Allah is a big advantage! - Jewellee

37.In Search of Truth - Josephine Ivy janeezko

38. Religion of New Millennium! - Dr. Kamala Surrayya

39.The Hijab - Katherine Bullock

40.My story from Christianity to Islam - Khadija Zafar (Washington, USA)

41.Khairunisa dedicates herself for Islam in Germany - Muslehuddin Ahamad

42.I was never convinced with the concept of 'Trinity' in Christianity! - Khalida Hamilton

43.How did I come to Islam and Why? - Laure

44.How I Embraced Islam - Lee Cooper (UK)

  1. Islam led A British couple to the Right Path - Leila Rajab

46.The Call to Islam: A revert's Tale - Maimuna (formerly Joan Dixon)

47.Islam: My Personal Experience! - Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino

48.I have Finally found Peace in Islam - Maria Esther Roman (former U.S. Model)

49.Allah opened my heart to the Truth and guided me to seek knowledge! - Mariam Velasco

50.My Heart felt Strong especially as I read the Holy Qur'an!. - Mariola Laila Szczesny

51.Ramadhan: The First Fulfilling Days - Mariola Laila Szczesny

52.Convert devotes Time for Dawa - Jannah Felesmenia

53.Beauty of Salat brings Canadian lady to Islamic fold - Maryam Fisher

54.Behind the Islamic veil - Maryam Wannaenburgh

55.What led a Hindu woman to Islam - Mona Panicker

56.Blessings of Islam! - Nadia Shaukat Ali (U.S.A.)

57.Why Islam - Nishani (previously Indrani)

58.My journey from the Darkness of Unbelief to the Light of Islam - Natassia Kelly

59.How I chose Islam? - An American Woman's conversion story

60.I am a Muslim woman - Rabi?a K. jabbar

61.Proud to be a Muslim woman Hijab a liberator; not an enslaver - Rosina Samadani

62.When minds are ventilated by liberty and rationality. - Sabiha Khan (formerly Carole Botes, South Africa)

63.I realized that what I had searched for Was Islam! - Shahin Gulam

64.I seemed by some mysterious Agency to be brought to Islam! - Saida Miller Khalifa

65.Hajj is the supreme and profound experience, which cements the Brotherhood of Islam! - Sakeenah Catherine Quicker Al-Beirut

66. Discovering faith; belief in Monotheism draws Hindu lady to Islam - Dr Salma K. V Vijayalaxmi

67. Truth of Islam forced me to embrace Islam! - Dr. Salama Siddiqui (written by Muhammad Haneef Shahid)

68.My Experience as a Muslim female in a Western Society - Samia Itani (Student, University of Western Sydney)

69.I Found Myself - Sara BTE Muhammad

70.It seems that I have always been a Muslim! - Lady Zeinab (Evelyn) Cobbold