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When the Moon Split - New Edition (HB Full Color)


The life of the Holy Prophet is a complete guideline for all Muslims. He has not only received and preached the message of Allah according to the Divine Revelation but has also practiced it in such a manner that if Muslims follow in his footsteps they can easily achieve Paradise. This book reveals the complete life of the Prophet Muhammad, his early life, how he was chosen by Allah, Divine Revelation, his efforts to spread Islam, and the rise of Islam. The contents of this book also make the character and personality of the Holy Prophet stand out to guide us. The new edition of the book has been endowed with colorful illustrations and moral lessons.

Binding Hardback
Pages 423
Size in Inches 7x9.50
Size in Centimeters 18x24
Actual Weight 2.32


New Revised Edition with full-color pictures and Lessons & Morals at end of each section.

The biography of the Prophet is a very noble and exalted subject by which Muslims learn about the rise of Islam, and how the Prophet Muhammad (S) was chosen by Allah to receive the divine revelation. You also learn about the hardships the Prophet and his Companions faced, and how they eventually succeeded with Allah's help.

So, it is necessary to study the Prophet's life and follow it in all manners. We hope this study will help you to get a better understanding of religion. In this sense, this is one of the best books which are meant to be read and read again.

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