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True Qualities of a Believer (DVD)


In these times we are witnessing, one may think they are in state of loss. However in this lecture Sheikh Feiz brings out a different way of thinking by drawing our attention to a verse in the Quran which explains several beautiful qualities of a believer in which Allah (SWT) promises them forgiveness and great reward.

About the Author

Born in Australia, Sydney, Feiz Muhammad traveled to Medinah seeking knowledge from several Scholars of Islam. After having spent 4 years studying in the Islamic University of Medinah, Sheikh Feiz travelled back to Sydney to live his dream - to call to the path of Allah. His unique style of speech attracts a wide range of listeners, and is very beneficial and interesting to listen to. At current, he is completing his Doctorate degree in Islamic Law in Malaysia, and we ask Allah (swt) to accept all of his work.


Other Sources:

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Al-Warith (The Heir, The Inheritor of All) - Allah's / Gods' Name

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