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The Forbidden Gaze (3-in-1 DVD)


The forbidden gaze... What exactly is the forbidden gaze? What is permitted in regards to looking, interacting and speaking with the opposite sex? In society today there is much confusion clouting this topic, and many are heedless to the affects and consequences of these acts, adopting a very western secular position to what is actually disallowed in Islam.

In this series Sheikh Feiz explores and clarifies what is allowed pertaining to the interaction of men and women and what is disallowed.

  • The Disease
  • The Cure
  • Intermingling

Feiz Muhammad Born in Australia, Sydney, traveled to Medinah seeking knowledge from several Scholars of Islam. After having spent 4 years studying in the Islamic University of Medinah, Sheikh Feiz traveled back to Sydney to live his dream - to call to the path of Allah. His unique style of speech attracts a wide range of listeners, and is very beneficial and interesting to listen to. At current, he is completing his Doctorate degree in Islamic Law in Malaysia, and we ask Allah (swt) to accept all of his work.

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