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Story of Prophet Abraham (DVD)


Story of Prophet Abraham (DVD) is the second part of the "It's Storytime" series: The Story of Prophet Abraham. The series has stories of Prophets from the past to inspire young children.

Scene from the video:

The disbelievers cried out "BURN HIM! BURN HIM!"... But Prophet Abraham remained tolerant and put his trust in God. The townspeople gathered all the wood they could find and started to build a huge fire, so high that even the birds could not fly over it and the people who helped build the fire got burnt from the heat...
Find out what happens next in this DVD film as the true story of Prophet Abraham (AS) unfolds... Suitable for children of all ages.


- Quiztime with Zaky & Did you know?
- Video clip & songs by Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby
- Greatly improved quality of animation


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