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Roots (2 CDs)


This Cd gives a detailed analysis of the lives of Muslims in America. The lectures are delivered by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. He uncovers the history of Islam and Muslims in Marican soils. He delves in geographic and social details. He sheds light on the role of Muslim minorities in America and how they have been influenced and have been influencing the American social set up.


Join Shaykh Yasir Qadhi as he presents a comprehensive analysis of Muslims in America. Starting with a detailed exposition of the history of Muslims on the American continent, Shaykh Yasir takes the listener on a journey through the slave trade and other pertinent routes to the "land of the free."

In the second part of this two CD set, the Shaykh proceeds to illuminate the role of the Muslim minorities living in America by giving pragmatic steps to forming a "more perfect union".

CD1: Islam in America: Whither and Where
CD2: Towards Forming a Muslim American Identity


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