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Ramadan Decoration Kit


Here is a complete kit to double fold the happiness of the month of Ramadan. The kit is designed keeping in mind the sacred spirit of this month of blessings. The items are for decoration, including flags, whistles, stickers, balloons, Ramadan table tent card and banner.

This is the first complete Happy Ramadan decoration kit for Muslim households. The Happy Ramadan decoration kit includes:

1 Happy Ramadan Banner 60”

5 Happy Ramadan whistles

10 Happy Ramadan Flags 82.7”

10 Happy Ramadan 14” Balloons

2 Happy Ramadan Stickers “8” Diameter”

1 Happy Ramadan Table Tent Card 5.5”

Other Sources: 

Hadith on the importance of Asar and Fajar salat and prayers
Hadith on the importance of praying nawafil (voluntary prayers) at home