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Princess of the Believers (CD)




If anyone wants to read about a great woman who helped in the formation of great civilization, he should read about Aisha. She was a noblewoman and daughter of Prophets companion Abu Bakr (radhiallhu) who achieved a very high status among muslims by getting married to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hers is the story of struggle, steadfastness and belief. It was due to this much importance of Ayesha among the muslims that Shiekh Isam Rajan decided to tell about her life in this CD.In addition to the discussion on Aisha, there is also a short lecture about productive worship as a bonus feature on this CD.

Shaikh Isam Rajab graduated from Madina University with a BS in Islamic Studies. He has 2 ijazas for memorizing the entire Quran and has an ijaza from the Prophetic Masjid in Madina in The Inheritance System in Islam. He also has a MA in Islamic Studies and is a PhD candidate at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. He has worked as an Imam for 5 years in Kuwait and 2 years in Albuquerque, NM. He is the Founder of Arees Institute and Foundation and is also currently Imam for Masjid Hamza (Mission Bend) in Houston.

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