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Prepare Yourself... to Stand Before Allaah



Throughout the history of Islam there have been many historians who have talked about purity of heart. In fact purity of heart is of such importance that without it even prayers and other good deeds are unlikely to be accepted by Allah. From the purity of heart derives the obligation to society and practice of faraidh(religious obligations). This series by Sheikh Jiblay provides to its listeners a deep understanding of the concept of purity of heart and encourages them to improve their lives by increasing this purity of heart.

A great collection for those who love to seek knowledge!

CD 1: Caring for the Heart
Communal Obligations of a Muslim

CD 2: Pray Before You are Prayed Upon
Etiquette of Asking Questions & QA Session

Sheikh Jibaly is a well known translator, khateeb and da'eeh who has been involved in dawah of Islam for over 20 years. His translated books on various topics proved to be extremely beneficial for the non-Arab audience.

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