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Path to Paradise (8 CDs)


One of the biggest aims in a muslim's life is to be able to enter paradise. This entry is only possible by following the true path of Islam. In this lecture the details of this path to paradise have been elaborated in detail.

Path to Paradise ~ Now available as a complete Set!

This set includes the following lectures:

  • CD 1: Youth Under the Shade - Safi Khan.
  • CD 2: Lowering the Wings of Humility - Safi Khan.
  • CD 3: Building Strong Relationships - Safi Khan.
  • CD 4: Misunderstandings - Waleed Basyouni.
  • CD 5: Mistakes are a chance to Learn - Waleed Basyouni.
  • CD 6: Manners of the Students of Knowledge - Sister Hana Gamal.
  • CD 7: Against the Flow - Sister Jasmine White.
  • CD 8: Media Relations - Sister Rabiah Ahmed.

Recording of the 3rd Annual 'Daughters of Adam' Conference in Houston-TX, 2004.

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