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More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night (Large)


This is the large size of the book 'More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night' and is based on the Arabic Book 'Akthar min alf Sunnah fee-al-yawm wa al-laylah'.

Is it not remarkable that in the course of a usual day, a lot of us are capable of practicing more than 1,000 Sunan? For sure, in clinging to the Sunnah is safety and security, as it was said by Imaam Maalik:

"The Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah-whoever embarks on it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned."

Statements and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (S) that are performed in a typical day are contained in this short booklet - how many of these are part of our daily lives?

This work is the translation of the Arabic booklet, More Than 1,000 Sunan Every Day & Night, complied by Shaykh Khaalid Husaynaan, in the English language. He is a modern student of knowledge of our time who is preoccupied with reviving and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Other Sources:

Allah is the Only Lord for All - Surah Zukhruf Verse 64, Quran
Allah is the Sole Creator and has no partners - Quran Surah Furqan Verse 2