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Know Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak (2 CDs)


The lives of great Muslim scholars have innumerable lessons for the believers. This CD contains the facts and details of the life of Abdullah Ibn Mubarak who was a great Muslim Scholar. His life was an emblem of patience, piety, Taqwa, humility and love for Allah and his creatures. Abdullah Ibn Mubarak was born in the Abbasid Emire and he memorized sunnah. He was a scholar of the Zuhd and a preserver of Hadith. His services to Islam are highly inspirational.


Abdullah Ibn Mubarak - A Key to all that is good.

The Prophet (S) al said: "Indeed amongst men there are people who are key to goodness and a barrier for all evil." Indeed, 'Abdullaah Ibn Mubarak can be defined with these beautiful words of the Prophet (S). In this beautiful lecture, the speaker brings to the attention of the audience to the life of a great scholar, 'Abdullaah Ibn Mubaraak (R).

He was born in the beginning of the Abbasid empire and was a memorizer of the Sunnah and a great scholar known for his Zuhd.

In him, the scholars of his time saw the combination of knowledge, understanding, manners, grimmer, language, poetry, eloquence, Zuhd, Wara, justice and Qiyam-ul-Layl.

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