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Islamic Education Grade 6


Darussalam has endeavored to publish an Islamic Studies series covering all the grades, from grade one through grade twelve taking into consideration the dire need for Islamic studies material in schools incorporating the subject in English.

This sequence covers all areas of Islamic studies: Tafsir, hadeeth, tawheed, fiqh, seerah, and general etiquette relating to different areas and situations. Given the importance of authentic Islamic knowledge, all efforts have been made to make sure that the material presented in the series is authentic. Also, given the importance of Arabic Islamic terms, the majority of the terms are presented in their original Arabic script, together with the transliteration and the translation of their meanings. This also applies to supplications which have to be memorized in their Arabic version. The main purpose is to help the reader read the original text and understand its meaning. There are exercises covering questions about the lesson at the end of each lesson.

The colorful artwork used in this series is one outstanding feature which certainly appeals to children. This is certainly bound to attract the attention of the young, stimulate them, amuse them as well as educate them.

This purpose of the series is to acquaint the student with the teachings of Islam in every aspect: beliefs, practices and moral conduct. This series, with its unique features, certainly fills a gap in this area which has long been partially neglected.

The present magnificent work was started by an expert in the field of education. Maulvi Abdul Aziz, MA. English literature held different posts in the field which also includes that of Senior Administrative Officer in the Department of Private Education, Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE, from 1982 to 2002.

The present project for Islamic Education also owes its existence in its current form to many people who made informative suggestions, particularly Al-Arabee Ben Razzouq, College of Languages and Translation, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University, Riyadh, who undertook the painstaking task of checking the authenticity of the material which was presented in the series, proofreading the text and also adding references to certain quotations from the Quran and the hadeeth. Special thanks also go to Sheikh Abdul-Qawiy Luqman, Al-Madeenah University graduate, for the interesting suggestions given by him and to Mr. Zulfiqar Mahmood who carefully applied his knowledge in the field of graphic design to produce the series in an excellent shape.

  • Abdul Malik Mujahid
  • Jumaadaa ath-Thaaniyah, 1428 AH. July 2007.

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