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Dua Experience a True Submission to Allaah (6 CDs)


This CD has lectures related to the rules and essentials of Dua. Supplication is one way of connecting with Allah and seeking his forgiveness. A believer must know all rules and etiquettes for Dua as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah. In this regard this product might prove extremely useful. Here Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jazaaeree gives all necessary details about the purpose and method of Dua and how it can help the entire Ummah in seeking Allah's forgiveness and escaping Hellfire.


Supplication is an essential part of a believer's life. Du'a is an act of worship, hence a believer should try his best to learn its rulings and etiquettes from the Qur'an and the purified Sunnah, as was understood by the Prophet's companions (RadiAllaahu'anhum).

This unique collection of heart softening khutbahs details what a believer should know regarding du'a:

  • The etiquette of du'a
  • Specific times and places in which du'as are accepted
  • Innovations in making du'as.
  • Weeping from the fear of Allaah
  • The ultimate goal of supplication: seeking Jannah and protection from hellfire

We hope that through this humble effort our listeners will experience a true submission to Allaah (subhaanahu wata'aalaa) insha'Allah.

About the Speaker

Originally from Algeria, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jazaaeree has studied under certain notable scholars and students of Knowledge. Due to his fluency in both Arabic and English, he is able to benefit us with that which he learned. May Allaah give him more strength to propagate the da'wah of Islam.

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