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Dictionary of Islamic Names


Naming children can be an ardous task which is made easy with this dictionary of islamic Names taken from authentic sources such as the Quran, ahadith and Islamic history. The meaning and pronunciation of the names are also given to help Muslims understand the words better and know their significance. This dictionary can prove very handy for everyone.

Dictionary of Islamic Names

Derived from the Qur'an, Ahadith, Seerah and History with Meaning and Pronunciation.

This is a beautiful comprehensive book about Islamic names. It is a must have for every future and present parent to learn the correct injunctions about the new born and selecting the best name for him or her.

It starts with teachings and injunctions about new born followed by rules and principles about giving a good name in the second chapter. Chapter 3 contains Allah's most beautiful Names with the description and reference to where the name is found in Quran/Sunnah.

Chapter 4 contains names of the Prophet, his wives, children and other companions. Chapter 5 contains Quranic names followed by general Islamic names in the final chapter.

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