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Arabic: Zad-ul-Muslim al-Yomi


By: Abdullah Ibn Jarr Allah
Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback
Size: 3x4.5" (8x11.5 cm)
Format: 2 Color
SKU/ISBN: 9786035000505
Edition: 1st, 2010

Brief Synopsis:

This book has tips and guidelines that serve as provisions for daily life matters. There are guidelines of dhikr, Salat and other matters.


This Arabic treatise has ample guidance for speakers of Arabic about the daily life Islamic ways of living. It covers tips on how to perform daily life routine staying within Islamic parameters. This book: is replete with references to Quran and sunnah explains how to moldones lifestyle to gain nearness of Allah contains examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad that will serve as true guidelines for all Muslims is written in simple and easy to comprehend Arabic language with interesting commentary on references to Islamic history. If you are looking for a reliable treatise that will provide your guidelines in Arabic then this book is just the one for you. You can learn methods of ibadah, ordinary routine tasks and duas related to them and a lot of more useful information. It clearly shows how a Muslim should spend his days in routine life.

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