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Arabic: Fi Dhilal As-Seerah Nabawiya - Madinah Part 1 (14 CDs) - Arabic Islamic Shopping Store

Arabic: Fi Dhilal As-Seerah Nabawiya - Madinah Part 1 (14 CDs)



By: Ragheb Elsergany

Format: 14 CDs

SKU/ISBN: 9781891540356

Producer: Al-Basheer


This set of 14 Cds contains the facts related to the life of Prophet (S) in Madinah right after the migration and sheds light on his character while he dealt with the settlement issues in Madinah and continued to preach Allah’s message. In these Cds you will find:

  • Detailed interpretation of Ahadith and commentary
  • Incidents that will enlighten the mind and soul
  • Verses from the Quran and their translation
  • Reflections on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (S)
These Cds are an interesting and informative way to learn most about the character of the Holy Prophet (S), and have an insight into the events that took place in Madinah after migration. It also covers the battles, marriages and other events that are important in history.

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