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Among the personalities which helped Islam become the great religion it is today, the names of Abu Hurayrah (Radiallaahu anhu) and Imam Muslim (Rahimatullah) can never be forgotten. Their role in preservation of Deen is of such importance that it is impossible to ignore it. By knowing about their lives we can learn much from them. It is because of this reason that Shiekh Ahmed Al-Jazaaeree has undertaken the responsibility to preserve the lives of these great people by writing their biographies.

Originally from Algeria, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jazaaeree has studied under certain notable scholars and students of Knowledge. Due to his fluency in both Arabic and English, he is able to benefit us with all that he learned. May Allah give him more strength to propagate the dawah of Islam.

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Allah does not let go the rewards of good doers

Allah does not let go the rewards of good doers (Tafsir from Surah Yousuf)