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Story of Yusuf (Joseph) - Islamic Stories for Children


This is one book from a series of rhyming books for young children. These books have stories of major Prophets to educate young children about their lives and interesting events. This one focuses on the life of Yusuf and what incidents occurred in his life. The book is thickly illustrated and is fun to read to leave lasting impressions on young minds. This product is a must have for young children as it offers a lot of fun as well as knowledge.

The "Prophets sent by Allah" series is a collection of 15 delightful rhyming storybooks for younger readers. A wonderful introduction for impressionable young minds to get to know and love the major Prophets mentioned in the Qur'an. Simple full-colour illustrations accompany the rhyming poetry which is fun to read and surprisingly easy to remember. Each book is loaded with Islamically accurate information and contains +an "Islamictionary" (a simplified children's glossary) to explain Arabic and Islamic words and concepts. Kids of all ages will love to read these morally uplifting books over and over again.

Each book has hard durable full color pages with pictures on the left side and text on the right. Each book is 8x5" and 3/4" thick.


'Prophets sent by Allah' Series
Sample Pages

(1) Adam: Page 1



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