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Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy (Mp3 CD)


This product offers complete Quran in a single CD. The Quran is recited by Shaikh Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy. It can be listened to on any computer. It is an Mp3 CD and its files can be transferred to an MP3 device. It is a very useful product as one can listen to Quranic recitation any time very conveniently.


Mp3 CD contains the recitation of the whole Quran on 1 CD in the voice of the famous Shaikh Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy (Meshari Rashid El-Efasi / Meshary Alafasy). You can listen to the Mp3 CD on any computer, Mp3 player, or transfer the audio files to an Mp3 device.

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