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The Etiquettes & Conditions of Du'a



It has been established in Islam that Allah has all the power over everything and he can do whatever he wants. But there is a way by which human beings can also get what they want. It is the way of dua. These lectures teach the way in which dua must be performed so that it is more likely to be accepted by Allah.

In this lecture series, Sheikh Jibaly covers part of a beneficial book by Mustafa Al-'Adawi, a contemporary student of knowledge in the field of hadith.

CD 1: Importance of Du'a (khutbah)
The Etiquette & Conditions of Du'a

CD 2: The Etiquette & Conditions of Du'a (cont'd)

Sheikh Jibaly is a well known translator, khateeb and da'eeh who has been involved in dawah for over 20 years. His translated books on various topics proved to be extremely beneficial for the non-Arab audience.

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