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Arabic: Fi Dhilal As-Seerah Nabawiya - Makkah (14 CDs) - Arabic Islamic Shopping Store

Arabic: Hajj, Umrah waz-Ziyarah



By: Ragheb Elsergany

Format: 14 CDs

SKU/ISBN: 9781981540334

Producer: Al-Basheer


Brief Synopsis:

These fourteen CDs bring to you the life of Prophet Muhammad in Makkah. Learn how he lived before and after the advent of Islam. 



This set of 14 Cds contains the first part of the rendition of the life of the Holy Prophet (S) and his character while he dealt with the problems and solutions in Makkah. The account of the early life of Prophet and the advent of Islam has lessons for many Muslims. Listening to these CDs will bring in depth knowledge of accurate Islamic History with all events that took place while the Prophet lived in Makkah before migration to Madinah.
  • A Beautiful rendition of the Ahadith in Arabic along with their translations for understanding
  • A Brief Summary of the Ahadiths and Quranic verses for further understanding
  • 14 CDs provided in a safe leather cover for easy reference and safety

This is an interesting and informative way to learn more about the character of the Holy Prophet (S). This is your chance to derive inspiration and learn to lead life according to the Sunnah of the last Prophet of Allah.

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