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Allah's Generosity & What Did Warqah Say (CD)


Brothers and sisters one day we will leave this dunya. Life is day and night, and there is no time to waste on useless things. This lecture helps Muslims suppress their fear of death and prepare for it instead. It helps us understand what we are leaving behind at the end of this dunya. Are we taking advantage of the opportunities that Allah opens for us? The best amongst us is the one who lives a long life while continuing to acquire good deeds and the worst will be he who lives a long life but fills his scale with evil deeds. Learn how to be amongst the best and invest your time wisely in this life!

Shaikh Waleed Basyouni completed his bachelors and masters degrees from Al-Imam Muhammad University. He has also acquired a doctorate in theology, and has Ijaazahs in reciting the Holy Quran and several books of Hadeeth. He is the Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute, as well as an advisor to numerous Islamic societies and organizations around the United States.

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