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Al-Haram Al-Madany (20 CDs)



Format: 20 Audio CDs 
Album Producer: DarMakkah / UFI


This set of CDs is an extremely good collection of the recitations of the Holy Quran by the Imams of the Prophet (SAW) mosque in Madina. The CDs contain the soul warming voice of the Imam of Masjid-e-Nabwi.

The Imams who have their voices included in the recitations are following:  

1. Sheikh Abdullah Awwad Al-Juhany
2. Abdul Baari Ath Thubaity
3. Salaah Al-Badeer
4. Abdul Mohsin Al-Qasim

The voice of these respectable and honorable Imams is a blessing for the listeners of the recitation of Holy Quran. Further these are the feature of these CDs --
  • There are 20 CDs available in this pack. 
  • Different portions of the Holy Quran have been divided in all the CDs so that they are distributed properly and users do not find any difficulty in operating them. 
  • The Audio quality of the CDs is excellent and the recitation of the Holy Quran in the High Quality Audio will spell bound every Muslim. 

This set of CDs is a real gift for all of the Muslims to refresh their souls with the name of Allah.