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Men's Arab "Shemagh" (Head Scarf) - Red and White Shemagh


This is a large 58" by 58" shemagh, which is the largest and best size available in the market.

Shemagh is worn part of men's Arab and Middle Eastern clothing and has many other uses. It's a scarf worn on the head or around the shoulders. It comes in multiple colors and patterns.

If you are an outdoor person, you will find this shemagh to be extremely useful.

  • Traditional head-wear that is designed to protect the head and neck
  • Used by military personnel worldwide for rugged conditions and outdoors
  • Generous size of 55 inches
  • An excellent aid in covering the head, face and neck from sun exposure

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Saudi's mostly wear the red and white patterns. The rest of the Arab world wear both red and white and black and white. Other colors have started to become popularized matching the colors with the color of the various Arabic disdashas or thobes. You can find the others in our Shemagh section. 

The normal way to wear Shemagh is to wear a cap under the shimagh and the Egal on top of the Shimagh. This ensures that the shimagh does not slip on the head, else sometimes it becomes difficult to keep it on the head.

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